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Comédie de Caen is a national dramatic center. Its main mission is the production of contemporary performances. In addition to our director's productions, we support French and European independent artists and companies. Jean Lambert-wild runs the theater since 2007 and develops here singular axes. Our programming is punctuated by important moments : our creations, our partnership with the Festival Les Boréales (multidisciplinary international festival about Nordic and Baltic cultures), performances of international artists, programming for young audiences, nomad scenes in the region, training and research workshops for performings arts professionals, and so on.

Comédie de Caen is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture / DRAC of Lower Normandy, the city of Caen and the city of Hérouville-Saint-Clair, the Regional Council of Lower Normandy and the Calvados General Council (ODACC ).

Comédie de Caen has two venues :
Théâtre d’Hérouville: a 700 seats venue with a large stage. Here are also located the administration, the technical services, the construction and costumes workshops.
Théâtre des Cordes : a 300 seats venue with a medium stage.

Photos (Théâtre des Cordes)

Photos (Théâtre d'Herouville) 


Jean Lambert-wild / Director
Catherine Lefeuvre / Deputy director (
Bernard Collet / Theater manager (

Marie-Hélène Esnault, Josiane Besnard / Main Accountants

Virginie Pencole / Responsible of public relations
Camille Vandaele /
Public Engagement Coordinator and Public Relations

Hélène Fourez / Responsible for receiving the public and artists
Grace Rufin / Hostess, responsible for ticketing

Michèle Barry-Benard / Responsible of Communications and Press

Tristan Jeanne Valès / Photographer

Aurélia Marin / Production manager (
Patricia Colin / Production assistant
Alice de Gouville / Administrative assistant (

Claire Seguin / Technical Director (
Lorent Creveuil / Deputy Technical Director
Patrick Le Mercier / General Manager, stage manager
Moëren Tesson / General Manager, light manager
Joël Migne / General Manager, Sound manager
Benoit Gondouin / General Manager, Head of workshops
Patrick Demière / Painter
Antoinette Magny / Costume, Dresser
Hubert Rufin / Manufacturer-machinist, Deputy head of the contruction workshop
Bruno Banchereau, Pierre-Amaury Hervieu, David Marain, Serge Tarral / Constructors-Machinists
Claudio Codemo / Electrician

Martine Moricet / Barmaid

Hossein Badri / Caretaker

Evelyne Briard, Brigitte Yvon / Upkeep technicians



Comédie de Caen - Centre Dramatique National de Normandie
1 Square du Théâtre
BP 94
14203 Hérouville Saint-Clair cedex

Phone : 00 33 (0)2 31 46 27 27
Fax : 00 33 (0)2 31 46 27 28